Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Limits that you should know

While preparing for my AWS Developer Certification, I prepared this AWS Service limits (the most important ones) for my own benefit and now would like to share this with you. Please note that this is in no way an exhaustive list of all the service limits. For a complete list, please visit Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Limits site.


Max buckets per Account100
Max object size5TB
Multi-part upload required for Files of size>5GB
Bucket OwnershipNon-transferable


Max Message Size256KB
Min Message Retention Period1 minute
Max Message Retention Period14 Days
Default visibility time out30 Secs
Min visibility time out0 seconds
Max visibility time out12 Hours
Max Inflight Messages12000
Min Receive Message Time out0 seconds
Max Receive Message Time out20 seconds


Max tables per region256
Max Local Secondary Index5
Max Global Secondary Index5
Min Partition Key Length1 byte
Max Partition Key Length2048 bytes
Max Sort Key Length1 byte
Min Sort Key Length1024 bytes
Max Item Size (attribute name and value)400KB


Max open workflow executions100,000 per domain
Max workflow execution time1 year
Max workflow execution history size 25,000 events
Max child workflow executions1,000 per workflow execution
Workflow execution idle time limit1 year
Workflow retention time limit90 days
Maximum pollers per task list100 per host, per tasklist
Max task execution time1 year
Max time SWF will keep a task in the queue1 year
Max open activity tasks1,000 per workflow execution
Max open timers1,000 per workflow execution


Max VPC per region5
Max Subnets per VPC200
Max Customer gateways per region50
Max Internet gateways per region5
Max Elastic IP per region per account5
Max Connections per region50
Max Route tables per region200
Max Security groups per region500


Max Stacks per account20
Max Parameters per template60
Max Mappings per template100
Max Resources per template200
Max Outputs per template60


Max DB instances per account40
Max Reserved instances per account40
Max total storage for all DB instances per account100TB
Max Read replicas per master5